Senses severely ensnared

Otis' Girl
I'm 30 but I feel 20... sometimes 15... another 11. I am all my ages combined - don't judge me from my last birthday.

I'm currently obsessed with the Harry Potter universe, particularly Severus Snape. (And even more particularly, snarry!).

I looooove horror movies, I am sensitive, cry easily, daydream a whole lot, an incurable romantic, a little nutty, unconventional, anti-social, don't talk much, still trying to find out who I am and what to do with my life. I love writing, but don't do enough of it. Once I love someone (friends, mentors, love interests, even imaginary characters) I never stop loving them, no matter how much life pulls us apart. On the other hand, I come to care for very few people. I think I am unique and special - like everyone else. :-)